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ART7 is a 1-bit Art Gallery for the Playdate Handheld Console. 

ART-O-Ween: Night at the Gallery is a Spooky Adventure Game set on the Expanded Grounds of ART7, including new characters, mechanics, and an all-new ART-O-Ween exhibit from members of the Playdate Community!

These are two separate Games! You can download and run them on Playdate Hardware or the Playdate Simulator included in the Playdate Developer SDK  

ART7 will see future updates to the gallery shows. ART-O-Ween is  a standalone build (with more art and gameplay!)

In ART7 there are pieces from the Indie Playdate Dev community, from the Gameboy Camera community, my own work and other artists at large. It's built in Pulp - the web game editor provided by Panic - and I really can't say enough about its accessibility and versatility. Folks are doing amazing things on the platform, and I'm happy to be among them.

In ART-O-Ween, you spend a night guarding the gallery due to some.. circumstances. Try to keep things clean while helping out members of the community. You can Win! You can Lose! You can Die! You'll enjoy some new ART!  Grab a costume and enjoy a... Night at the Gallery!

ART-O-Ween is built in Pulp and run through Pulpmill to create a LUA project. There are some eccentricities with this process, but by and large, it has been pretty solid. Please reach out with any issues! I've tested a lot, but it's certainly possible you'll come across something I can update.


CW: I don't think any of this would be considered NSFW, but there are a few pieces that are Suggestive? It's an Art Gallery, so just a heads up. 


While submissions have closed for this Show, we are still open to pieces for the next Show/expansion. Please reach out, if you would like to be included. @ledbetter in the Playdate Squad Discord

More info on the Forum & at LDBR.art

Released on 7/7/2022 at 777beats

***This project is inspired by a similar gallery out of the Gameboy Camera Community from Cat Graffam (@catgraffam) / Twitter

Please don't forget to RATE! I would love to hear your impressions in the rating or in the comments! Here are a few kind words, I've received so far:

ART-O-Ween Update v1.3! 

  • Adjusted Crank handling in Clock, Lighter and Artstagram
  • Added Inventory PC and Quest Log PC to Mad Scientist Lab

ART-O-Ween Update v1.2! New Dialogue and some general polish... and MAP-O-Ween! A high res map of the gallery

The v1.2 update to ART-O-Ween adds additional dialogue as the main characters react to different costumes and also cleans up a few environments. There are still some pagination issues with some of the Art Info text. This is an eccentricity of the pulpmill process that is what it is for now, but I hope to address it more in the future. 

This package includes the standalone game ART-O-Ween and MAP-O-Ween, a high-res pdf and image of the grounds of the gallery, showing all the interconnections to help you navigate. Feel free to print it up (suggest at least 11" x 17") or scroll around it digitally.

And here is a quick How To Sideload video!

Release date Jul 07, 2022
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags1-bit, artgame, Black and White, demo, Experimental, gallery, generative, Pixel Art, Playdate, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes


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ART7 BTS Pack 132 MB
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Love the new ART-O-Ween version !  New gameplay and NEW ART to see!


Thanks! And thanks for being a part of it!


Wonderful concept, flawlessly executed. Who would've thought a 1 bit gallery could be so visually striking.

Glad you enjoyed the gallery :)

Hello Playdate Podcast, Spoiler review at the end!  

Hello Playdate Podcast: Episode 12 - b360 - Ratcheteer (libsyn.com)

Tiny Yellow Machine getting into the Gallery :)


Huge Playthrough! Full Spoilers so beware! They got aaaaalmost everything!

Destination Playdate took a stroll through:

Gonna throw media in the comments! 

gogamego came through with the first look: 




gotta be honest. there are More Than 7 arts in here. Spoilers, I know. 

(2 edits) (+1)

I cannot wait for the full release! Love the concept and will absolutely shell out for full release!

Also really love the playable character. So simple and cute for just an eyeball haha.


Thanks! I'm tying things up right now to make it a great show! Updates coming soon :)

Do Note: The music is placeholder. And not great. Much better coming in full release :-)

Full release is out! with much better music!


FYI: The description mentions donations but there's no option to donate when downloading.

Thanks! Fixed some backend things and should be available. I got hardware in and the gallery looks Soooo good on the screen. I'll update with pics soon. Looking to release fully in June I think. More on that soon!