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ART&.. More is Out Now on!

Formerly exclusive to Playdate Catalog, ART&.. More is now live on and is included in the Fun in the Sun Bundle! We are working on a big update to several arcade games in the PROTOCADE - and have a version that is stable on the Playdate Simulator - but there is a little more to be done to get it working on hardware. We hope to have good news soon! The Itch and Catalog versions will always be the same game. 


And is there More... ART? YES!

These are ART tOOs!

Today we are ALSO launching a standalone series of Galleries FREE for EVERYONE. These galleries will drop monthly one at a time from July through October and will feature New Exhibits from Artists and Developers as well as pieces from ART&.. More 

Anyone can download these quick, standalone PDX files for a gallery experience! This first ART tOO has a new exhibit featuring the Playdate Camera from Tom Granger! Grab it to go on a photowalk and take some shots to see some of the pics he took while building the project.


FREE ART Series Guidebook

On the anniversary of ART7's release,  we feel it's finally time to lay everything out on the table. For all the games. This is another Free download - a Guidebook covering ART&.. More, ART-O-Ween and ART7! There are tips and tricks for each game but also FULL SPOILERS (clearly marked). So, dig into this massive guide to see what we've been hiding!


ART-O-Ween Speedrun Mode!

This has not been hidden, but is LIVE NOW as a new update to ART-O-Ween! Version 1.5 contains a Speedrun mode.. for an ART Gallery?! Heck yes, because ART-O-Ween is an adventure game! You can reset your current progress at the bonfire in the back of the studio and the new timer will start the moment you begin the game. There are a bunch of new objectives to complete that you'll be able to check in on after you make it to 10am the next day and access the Exhibit. 

Have fun helping the monsters and/or finding a horrifying(ly funny) deathscene! 


Merch store!

Every Gallery needs a Giftshop. We've been having TOO MUCH FUN uploading designs and buying our own samples. If You would like to buy some fun Playdate things from a small indie dev - well we're not gonna stop you! 


Next Projects!


As shown in the Playdate Direct,  DogkNOwSE Further Chapters is in development, and we have now announced bubble - be the wind which is in early concept phase.

Additionally, we are consulting on the development of Nightingale from Kodiak Games - Out Soon!


A quick technical note

You may be wondering why all of these galleries are standalone PDX files instead of just an ongoing, updated single game. Well, that was the original plan, but due to technical constraints of Pulp, it just wasn't feasible. It really wasn't built for as much as we're cramming in here and even the upcoming ART&.. More update has been tough to launch on hardware. However! This has the added bonus of preserving the experience of each of these galleries for future you to load up and enjoy. We're not overwriting something you care about and that actually means quite a lot to us. 

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