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Welcome! This is the page for the Standalone adventure game ART-O-Ween: Night at the Gallery The game takes place on the expanded grounds of ART7 and is included in the ART7 package! So if you Already have the gallery, you Already have ART-O-Ween! Download it all here.


ART-O-Ween: Night at the Gallery takes place over Halloween Night on the eve of the New Exhibit opening at 10 am the next day. You are ‘recruited’ as the replacement Security Guard for the evening to keep the Gallery safe and to make sure Nothing Goes Wrong!

To Begin, speak to the Attendant sitting to the Left in the Gallery Foyer. The Curator standing to the Right will give you hints throughout the night, depending on your.. appearance. He has Lots to point out - like the new Computers behind him, and the Grandfather clock to his left! 

There may come a ‘Time’ when these are useful. Should you want to skip right through to see the New Exhibit and ignore the game entirely,  you will be able to do so by accessing the clock, once you have your new hat. 

Spoilers Ahead! How to Play:

  • Talk to the sitting Attendant
  • Wander a bit
  • Become the Guard (he will force it on you)
  • Time will advance slowly as you move about the Gallery and the surrounding areas. The grounds have been greatly expanded as shown on the map!
  • Once you are the Security Guard, you can use any of the clocks in the game to  crank and move time. 
  • The Current time is displayed at the bottom right of the screen in 24-hr and as an analog clock.
  • Collect Candy! Your current amount of candy is displayed at the bottom left. You will need candy to purchase costumes and to complete quests for the new... Characters you will meet as you explore.
  • Those characters will respond with Quests when wearing specific costumes and Death when wearing others. There are 13 different ‘endings’ to discover, so...
  • Should you perish during the night, you will respawn near the Mad Scientist. You can change costumes and Teleport from his Lab to continue the game. 
  • Early in the evening, Something Definitely Goes Wrong. Helping as many characters as possible will help You in the end. 
  • Come for the Gameplay, Stay for the ART! 
  • There is a whole new gallery to see with spooky works from the Playdate Community. Enjoy!

ART-O-Ween Update v1.3! 

  • Adjusted Crank handling in Clock, Lighter and Artstagram
  • Added Inventory PC and Quest Log PC to Mad Scientist Lab

ART-O-Ween Update v1.2! New Dialogue and some general polish... and MAP-O-Ween! A high res map of the gallery

The v1.2 update to ART-O-Ween adds additional dialogue as the main characters react to different costumes and also cleans up a few environments. There are still some pagination issues with some of the Art Info text. This is an eccentricity of the pulpmill process that is what it is for now, but I hope to address it more in the future. 

This package includes the standalone game ART-O-Ween and MAP-O-Ween, a high-res pdf and image of the grounds of the gallery, showing all the interconnections to help you navigate. Feel free to print it up (suggest at least 11" x 17") or scroll around it digitally.

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Tags1-bit, artgame, Halloween, holiday, Monsters, Playdate, quests, Singleplayer, Spooky


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